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Marine Catalysts

The main target and the core business of YS Cypriot Catalysts ltd company is the development of catalysts for the marine industry.

The development of these catalysts is funded from RIF Organization of Cyprus through the SEED project and the company aims to commercialize this product within the next two years, More precisely and due to the restrictions provided by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) referring to lower the Sulphur emissions, YS Cypriot Catalysts has developed solutions to meet the strict requirements set and provide solutions to the marine industry.

Based on existing knowledge the company has developed a method, system and device for reducing sulfur dioxide (SO2) and converting it to elemental S2 from gaseous internal combustion engine using Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) with high sulfur content.

This can be achieved by using catalytic converters to catalyse the reactions of SO2 with CO, CH4, NO to produce elemental sulfur in liquid form in the temperature range of 200 °C to 700 °C.

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